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    About Swatdove

    A highly experienced personal trainer and a professional Model

    Swatdove LLC was founded on the ground of genuine love for service to humanity by Paula Odeh, a certified fitness instructor and a professional fashion, commercial, fitness and editorial model. I chose personal training and modeling due to my strong desires  to motivate and  support others. In fitness am able to reveal to clients a stronger  version of themselves through personalized workout routine, and in modeling I passionately showcase the creativities of fellow human.

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    Who I Am

    Beyond modeling and personal training, Paula is also a wife and a mom of two beautiful angels. I enjoy being around nature a lot, in my spare time I love going to the neighborhood park; because listening to the humming sounds of birds and hearing the laughter of kids having fun while the cool evening breeze blows gently on my face is so refreshing.

    I also enjoy reading and cooking as well. I dream of a world where everyone is willing to love and support each other. After all we are one. My goal is to put a smile on every soul I come across.

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